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Electrical Cables

Electrical CablesManufacturing custom electrical cables with in-house design, prototyping, and assembly services is our specialty. Our fabrication prototypes with appropriate connector orientation, proper length, and break out or bend locations, helps industrial OEMs eliminate budget as well as scheduling problems. An extensive stock of molds to facilitate custom cable manufacturing exempts our customers from spending additionally on tooling.

In the past, we have built control cables up to 12 miles in length to support bulk material conveyor systems. Light gauge telecom cables, heavy gauge cables for DC applications, power cord cables, wiring cables, and other types of UL approved electrical cables can also be custom manufactured by us. Cables can be multi-shielded, PVC insulated, as well as made to customer-specified thickness, diameter, weight, and current rating. In addition, they are 100% electrical tested with the help of continuity test equipment from Cablescan, P-Tronics, and Cirris Electronics, prior to delivery.

Flat ribbon cable assembly, computer printer/modem/USB cable assembly, power cord cable assembly, and production of light gauge assemblies for telecom applications are some of our specialty jobs. Value added operations, such as cable assembly rework, and a variety of other product adjustments to revise existing assemblies, also form a part of our services. In the past, we have performed sub-assembly work on personal computers and other electronic equipment for many of our customers.

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