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About Phoenix-Lamar Corporation

Phoenix-Lamar Corporation is a manufacturer of custom electrical and electronic cables, wire harnesses, plus connector cable assemblies. We are a UL approved cable manufacturer, providing superior workmanship, service, as well as competitive pricing. Our client base includes a variety of customers, including manufacturers of computers and computer support systems, telecommunication companies, as well as applied geographical groups. With over three-decades of experience with diverse clients, we approach your application with confidence in quality assurance and performance.

Our manufacturing group can skillfully handle large production runs as well as adapt to rapid prototyping requirements with precision. A variety of pneumatic and electric terminating equipment from AMP, TRW, Berg, Molex, Midland Ross, and Panduit is available for manufacturing custom cables. In addition, we have an Arburg plastic injection-molding unit for over molding of cable assemblies and related applications.

With a dedicated quality control department, we have inspection systems that accept or reject incoming components and outgoing manufactured products. Continuity test equipment from Cablescan, P-Tronics and Cirris Electronics are utilized to provide 100% electrical testing on each job. Depending on your requirement, visual and dimensional inspection can also be performed along with intermediate assembly testing.

Our designers works closely with every client, reviewing drawings, assisting with part/assembly design, and spotting out potential problems before assemblies are put into production. Communication between our designer and customers engineering staff further ensures that assemblies are built to exact specifications.

Our production staff has immense knowledge on assembly, soldering, and related technical aspects to revise as well as assemble products other than cable and wire harnesses. Revisions include cable assembly rework, and a variety of other product adjustments. Additionally, we help customers with sub-assembly work on various electronic equipment.

Please contact us for additional information. Your queries will be promptly answered!

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